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Societal Information
Distinctions - Young Looking

- Powers
- Leaks energy out
- Heightened Intellect
- Highly Advanced

Homeworld - Swora (Shared Planet)
Language - Moria
Form of Government - Council of Elders

- Seeress

Status Active
Age Unknown
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The A'tali are one of the species that inhabit the Omara Galaxy once alongside the Ancients. They are one of the more advanced species in multiple galaxies and have done much traveling before setling in the current one.


The A'tali arrived in the galaxy that they called Colal (Omara Glaxy) after leaving their planet and it's dying sun behind searching for a place to stay. They eventually settle on one planet that they called Swora staying even though they new there was a naquadah generated portal created by another race, they deemed it something that was abandoned by a race of maybe extinct people. They lived this way for many years untill one day the portal opened and the Ancients arrived in the galaxy






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Known A'taliEdit

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