From this site you can post your fan fiction in a wiki format so as to be able to access commonn articles such as Goa'uld and Asgard. These articles are canon only however top fan fictions will be able to place small sub articles within those to link to their series with use of non-canon templates. Eg.

Warning: The following section is non-canon.

The Asgard wear diapers when on holiday.

Access to these appropriate templates can be found here.

Administrators will decide whether articles can have a non-canon source in them and Administrators reserve the right to remove any material they deem unsatisfactory or discriminatory.


  • Always put a notifier on the end of each page indicating which fan fiction it belongs to e.g. Stargate Atlantis: The Other Guys is abbreviated to SGATOG and added on the end of certain artilces e.g Anna Crown (SGATOG).
  • Do not edit other peoples fan fiction beyond simple grammar/spelling/linking. Doing so will get you a 3 day ban. Doing so again gets you an indefinite ban.
  • Please try to write in proper English and with proper grammar and spelling as well as proper setting out.
  • If your fan fiction contains any material that may cause offence (e.g. language, explicit scenes) please indicate so at the start of the article.


  • Help is always on offer to those who are unsure as to how to properly edit their pages. Please ask an administrator if you are stuck.

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