Season 1 of Stargate: Odyssey.


Main CastEdit

Zac Efron as Col. John Young

Corbin Bleu as Maj. Alexander Ronson

Vanessa Hudgens as Maj. Sarah Ogle

Booboo Stewart as Lt. James Samson

Ariana Grande as Capt. Jamie Franklin

Louis Tomlinson as Dr. Ethan Samuels

Recurring CharactersEdit

Guest StarsEdit

Michael Shanks as Dr Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping as Brig. General Samantha Carter

Gary Jones as MSgt Walter Harriman

Richard Dean Anderson as Lt General Jack O'Neill

David Hewlett as Dr Rodney McKay

Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey

Julie Stran as LtCol. Jenna Wilson

Joe Flanigan as Col. John Sheppard


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Placeholder other Forgiveness 101
With Atlantis now able to Gate to and from Earth the Earth Vessel Daedalus is now able to stay at Earth more often then it originally was suppose to while in the Pegasus Galaxy, but when the Lucian Alliance attacks the secert Icraus Base in an unknown sector of the Milky Way Galaxy and 80 people gone missing and the Alliance attack several Tau'ri outposts for a few week.
Placeholder other Search 102
While on the seach for the Alliance base the Odyssey comes across Chimmera the planet SG-1 when they fought against the Goa'uld, Col. Young, Ogle, Elliot and some SFs beamed down to the planet and reviewed the situation on the planet since the Goa'uld were defeated but when the Alliance showed up it forced the Odyssey to leave orbit and wait for the Motherships to leave but when Netan finds out that an Earth team has been on the surface and with the Odyssey gone what will Young and his landing party do.
Placeholder other Alliance 103
While on the search for the Alliance Base the Odyssey is ambushed by two Alliance Motherships and take heavy damage from the Battle, with Hyperdrive and Shields off-line the crew work hard to get the systems back on-line with the death of one of their crewmembers Maj. Ronson has come up with a plan why not form an Alliance with one of the factions that separated from the Alliance.
Placeholder other The Cloud 104
On the way back to the Milky Way Galaxy from Pegasus the Odyssey is trapped in an unknown Cloud, and the senior staff with most of the Crew is on a nearby planet while Colonel Young attempts to get the ship's power grid back on-line but when a Genii Strike team beam in from a single Wraith Dart and attempt to take Odyssey for theirselves and its up to Colonel Young to retake his ship.
Placeholder other Counterstrike 105
While on a Op with the Atlantis Team in the Pegasus Galaxy, Odyssey had to beam Colonel Sheppard and his team up from M4H-774 that worships the Wraith but is wiped out by a Nuclear Bomb. they find out that the Genii are responsible for the attack on the planet Colonel Sheppard, Teyla, Dr. McKay and Ronon beam onboard a Wraith Hive Ship to see if they can gather some intel on the Wraith but when two Wraith Hive ships drop out of Hyperspace, Col. Young is forced to leave Sheppard and his team behind on the planet and the Hive ship takes off and destroys the two Hives and jumps into hyperspace its up to Col. Young to save them before its too late.
Placeholder other Hostage 106 .
When Atlantis is taken over by the Civilians its up to Colonel Young not to give into the their demands, and when Senator Kinsey gives the Colonel orders to destroy Atlantis with the Asgard beam weapons but when Xiao gives the Odyssey a choice give the Civilians Atlantis or the City will be destroyed Colonel Young disobeys his orders and leads a strike team to retake Atlantis by any means necessary.
Placeholder other Eye of the Needle 107
Placeholder other Ex Post Facto 108
Placeholder other Thirty Eight Minutes 109
Placeholder other Suspicion 110
Placeholder other Code of Honor 111
Placeholder other Too Short a Season 112
Placeholder other Heart of Age 113
Placeholder other The Arsnenal of Freedom 114
Placeholder other Prime Factor 115
Placeholder other Faces 116
Placeholder other The Nox 117
Placeholder other Parallax 118
Placeholder other Enigma 119
Placeholder other Hot Zone 120
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