Season 2 of Stargate: Odyssey.


Main CastEdit

Zac Efron as Col. John Young

Corbin Bleu as Maj. Alexander Ronson

Vanessa Hudgens as Maj. Sarah Ogle

Booboo Stewart as Lt. James Samson

Ariana Grande as Capt. Jamie Franklin

Louis Tomlinson as Dr. Ethan Samuels

Recurring CharactersEdit

Guest StarsEdit

Louis Ferreira as Col, Everett Young

Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush

Richard Dean Anderson as Lt. General Jack O'Neill

Amanda Tapping as Brig. General Samantha Carter


Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Placeholder other Taking Wing 201
After the defeat at the Beta Site, the Homeworld Command is trying to figure out how to deal with the situation but when Senator Kinsey decides to sent a message to the Lucian Alliance about attacking their bases and he orders the Odyssey to drop the Nuke on an Alliance Outpost. But when the Alliance attacks the Odyssey and tries to destroy it.
Placeholder other Sword of Damocles 202
Placeholder other Initiation 203
Placeholder other Resistance 204
Placeholder other Dreadnought 205
Placeholder other Investigations 206 .
While in orbit around Earth the Odyssey takes on new technology to stay in contact with the people onboard the Destiny, but when the device malfunctions and traps Col. Young and Camile in the bodies of Majors Ronson and Ogle its up to the rest of the crew to find out who sabotaged the device and figure out how to repair it.
Placeholder other Deadlock 207
Placeholder other The Survivors 208
Placeholder other Bobby Trap 209
Placeholder other Sins of the Father 210
Placeholder other The Pegasus Project 211
Placeholder other Bounty 212
Placeholder other Family Ties 213
Placeholder other Contagion 214
Placeholder other The Emissary 215
Placeholder other Time Squared 216
Placeholder other Samaritan Snare 217
Placeholder other Innocence 218
Placeholder other The Game 219
Placeholder other Resolution 220
Placeholder other Basic part 1 221
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