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Vanessa Hudgens

Major Sarah Ogle is the Nav Officer onboard the Daedalus Cruiser Odyssey (Stargate: Odyssey).

Background informationEdit

Military CareerEdit

After Graduating from High School Sarah enrolled in the United States Airforce where she would go for a few weeks in between seeing her family and paying her father's grave a visit, and when she graduated from the Academy she was approached by Colonel Jack O'Neill to be asked to join the Stargate Program. She said yes and started training to join a SG Team and she passed with flying colors and her mom was proud of her for being accepted for a spot on a Infantry team.


During the conflict with the Ori Sarah was promoted to Major and she and her team was off-World where they accepted Origin and they tried to tell the people of the village that the Ori is evil and shouldn't be worshipped and the Ori soldiers showed up and the team run for the Gate they made it back to the SGC safe and sound, every time off-world Sarah and the rest of SG-4 were Ambushed by the Ori and forced back to the SGC. After the conflict against the Ori Sarah was on leave to visit her mother and Stepfather and she told them about the Stargate program after they signed the Classified papers and her mom was proud of her daughter following in her real father's footsteps but her stepfather wanted her to quit the Military and come work at a safe job.

Pilot of OdysseyEdit

After she returned to the SGC she was asked to become the pilot of the Daedalus Cruiser Odyssey, after the death of Colonel Emerson when the Alliance was in control of the ship security protocols were put into place on the ship and she wanted to see if she can pilot the powerful ship and she was able to take it into and out of Hyperspace and she took the offer of being the Nav officer of the Odyssey.



Major Ogle is Mixed.


Major Sarah Ogle is played by Vanessa Hudgens.

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