Stargate Retaliation is a RPG (Role Playing Game) where members of the Stargate fanon community can pick a character from the list and on each chapter they can write what will happens in the scene. The RPG will be divided into chapters (most likely of time) where users can dictate what happens based on their previously chosen armies and fleet size.

Rules of EngagementEdit

  1. You may choose your own name (Please keep them PG-13)
  2. Do not interfere in another users battle unless you are invited to do so.
  3. Please keep language civil.
  4. Editing the outcome of a battle to ensure your victory is not acceptable.
  5. Suddenly having a large amount of ships or technology out of no where is not on.
  6. Admins will determine who will win a battle v.i.a battle simulator.
  7. Admins will give you certain abilitys or new ships.


Each play will be given a set amount of ships and units the number is given by a administrator.


The Ancients are a Admin only faction

Kaeleth as Mal Lore


For the Goa'uld you may choose anyone from the universe or create a new one, You can also choose what type of jaffa guard you have.

Escyos as Escyos

Bryan Carmine as Maliketh


For Tau'ri, you can choose a group or create your own.


For wraith, you can choose a group or create your own.

Human-Wraith HybridEdit

For human-wraith Hybrid, you can choose a group or create your own.

  • Superjokertv as Alex


Other races and groups are open but we will stop you from becoming too much of a powerful character who always wins such as an ascended being.

Unlockable SpeciesEdit

Random enemies (Also known as Admin enemies)Edit

The RPG will feature some random enemies that will attack and (most likely) destroy certain parts of your army or fleet. Random enemies are determined by RPG moderators and are final. They are somewhat rare at the moment and are determined by the role of virtual dice:

  1. One of your smaller ships hits a mine and is destroyed.
  2. A rogue Ori satellite automatically targets and destroys a ship.
  3. Replicators take control of a vessel
  4. A virus causes your shields to fail and your ship is destroyed
  5. Your shields are depleted my a coronal mass ejection and the ship is severely damaged.
  6. A supernova destroys both fleets.

(more to come, I couldn't think of any more)

Chapter 1 :RisingEdit

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